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Social objectives

Activity 3

In the table below is a list of items which a theme park could set as social objectives.  Read through the list and tick 5 objectives which you consider to be the most important.  Discuss your choices with your classmates.

Our objective over the next year will be to:

  • Ensure that all our employees are paid 50p per hour more than the minimum wage.
  • Provide all our permanent staff with 5 days of training.
  • Employ 5 new staff with additional or special needs.
  • Ensure that for all our permanent employees, their family members are provided with free annual passes.
  • Ensure that at least 50% of the food sold on site will be produced in the local area.
  • Ensure that there is no noise from the park after 11 pm at night.
  • Ensure that all souvenirs are produced ethically and not employing child labour.
  • Ensure that all applicants from the local area are invited for interview.
  • Employ at least 10 apprentices from the local area.
  • Ensure that all employees working after 9pm at night are provided with free transport home.
  • Ensure that all our permanent staff are offered free private medical cover.
  • provide all our staff with a canteen facility with subsidised meals.