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Different types of Tourist


Most people who visit Ireland are either on holiday or visiting friends and relatives. Many of these visitors include a visit to Dublin. There are about 7,000,000 leisure visits to Ireland and only 1,350,000 business visits.  As can be seen from the figures on pages 2 and 3, many visitors enjoy the charging attractions in Dublin, such as the Guinness Storehouse as well as the free attractions, such as The National Gallery and Botanic Gardens.

The location of Dublin allows tourists to enjoy a range of activities either along the coast of Dublin Bay or in the Wicklow Mountains to the south of the city.  Being a small city, it is easy to get out of Dublin to attractions in the surrounding area.


There is a great deal of trade between Ireland and the UK. Business people have to make many visits to Dublin to attend meetings and conferences. There are many airports in the UK from where business people can fly to Dublin, which is good.  However, one of the problems in Dublin is that there is a shortage of hotel rooms. This means that hotels tend to be expensive. Also, Dublin does not have many large conference venues, so it cannot hold big business meetings.

Different Ages

Figures for visits to Ireland show that:

22% were under 25 years old

24% were 25–34 years old

13% were 35–44 years old

40% were over 45 years old

This shows how much Ireland and Dublin appeals to younger tourists who enjoy the night life, bars and restaurants in central Dublin.

The figures also show that 42% of visitors come as a couple.  This also shows that Dublin appeals to younger tourists who enjoy visits to attractions such as the Dublin Storehouse.

Different cultures

The figures also show that:

1,430,000 visitors were from Britain

1,700,000 visitors were from mainland Europe

1,040,000 visitors were from North America

240,000 visitors were from the Rest of the World

Many people visit Dublin and other parts of Ireland because of family connections. Some people visit the area where their family came from or where they were born.  This is why Irish cultural attractions in Dublin, such as the Book of Kells and St Patrick’s Cathedral are very popular.  This also explains why so many people from North America, in particular the USA, visit Dublin and other parts of Ireland.