Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 2.2

Have a go at this

Activity 1

Identifying different types of contracts at Hotel Jaja

From the descriptions below, can you identify the type of contract the employees listed in the box will be likely to have at the Hotel Jaja?

Choose from the following:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Fixed-term/Temporary
  • Zero hours/casual
  • Self-employed/Freelance
  • Agency

Activity 2

From what you have learned so far, identify which of the jobs below earn the top 3 wages

  • Airline Pilot
  • Cabin crew
  • Coach driver
  • Travel Agent
  • Holiday Rep
  • Hotel Manager
  • Chef
  • Baggage handler
  • Hotel cleaner
  • Doorman

Explain your choice. Give reasons why your top three choices earn the most money.