Principles of customer service

AC 2.3 - Explain impacts of customer service on tourism organisations

Putting it all together - Explain impacts of customer service

You will now understand how a range of factors affect the customer service provided by a tourism organisation and that these impacts can be positive or negative.

Now you need to be able to explain how the factors introduced in the previous activities impact on customer service. 

Think about a tourism organisation you have studied.  You will probably think that some parts of the customer service are good and some are bad.

You will need to write a report to explain the impacts of customer service in your chosen tourism organisation.

Before moving on to your assessment ...

You could write every sentence using the word because…

For example: Customer service is good because all the staff are well trained and this has a positive impact on the organisation.

However, there are many other words you can use as well as because to help you explain the impacts of customer service on your chosen organisation.

Do you remember them? Make a list using the online writing-frame.

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