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Destination reputation

When tourists have a great holiday they praise the destination telling friends and family about the marvellous time they’ve had and what an amazing place to visit. Likewise, when they don’t have such a good experience, they run the destination down, saying bad things and criticising the destination as a result of their poor experience. Consequently, the destination gains a reputation of being good or bad. The reputation can contribute to a tourist’s decision to visit or not. However, not all bad reputations are true; it’s possible that the actual experience did not meet the tourist’s expectations. 

For this section you need to consider the tourist type in relation to the following factors

  • Will the destination be too busy or too crowded? Will it be too quiet or even empty?
  • Is the destination too expensive or too cheap?
  • Too ‘touristy’ or not ‘touristy’ enough?
  • Is it an ‘exclusive’ destination? Many tourists enjoy the fact that they can indulge in the luxury of an exclusive destination.
  • Will the destination be too ‘tacky’?
  • Is the destination going to be heavily congested? Will cars be able to find parking? Will there be heavy traffic? Will there be queues?