Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 1.2 - Explain the objectives of tourism organisations

Have a go at this

Activity 1

For each of the tourism businesses below, produce two suitable objectives for the following year.   (Do not use an objective more than once!)

Scenario 1

The owners of Home Park Farm have decided to develop a farm attraction which will include tours of the farm and a chance to see a range of rare breed animals. There will also be a range of home-produced foods on sale.  The owners have borrowed £25,000 from the bank to set up the attraction.

Scenario 2

Cambrian Airlines is a new business and has recently launched three routes from Bristol to Paris, Rome and Barcelona. The airline operates two aircraft which can carry 138 passengers each. Each of the aircraft cost £35 million, which has been borrowed from a bank.

Scenario 3

Thrills and Spills theme park made a loss of £750,000 last year.  Many of its customers were not happy with the range and quality of the rides. There were also complaints about the poor quality of the food available and the cheap T-shirts and other souvenirs available.

Activity 2

Discuss your answers with your classmates and your teacher.