Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 1.2 - Explain the objectives of tourism organisations


Objectives of tourism organisations

Tourism organisations, like all businesses, need to plan for the future.  Owners and managers of tourism businesses will need to decide how they want their business to develop and succeed.

Larger businesses may develop what is known as a ‘mission statement’ which sets out in a couple of sentences general ideas about what the business is trying to achieve.  For example, the mission statement for an attraction might be something like: We aim to make sure that all our customers have a great day out and really enjoy themselves.

From the mission statement, businesses often develop aims, which are related to the mission statement.  An aim might be: To be the best attraction in the area for a family day out.

Objectives are more specific and measurable targets which the business can work towards, in order to achieve their aims.  For example: We want to achieve a profit of £500,000 this time next year or we want to develop two new rides which will make customers return to our attraction.

This section helps you to understand why tourism businesses set objectives and the types of objectives which might be set.  Remember – in a few years’ time you could be in a meeting deciding on the aims and objectives of the tourism business you are working for!