Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

AC 3.2


In the last section, you gained an understanding of the wide range of organisations which are involved in tourism development and an awareness of their various roles. 

Organisations such as transport and accommodation providers and attractions are vitally important to the appeal of a destination. If these, and other organisations, do not keep making improvements to their products, facilities and services then the destination will lose its appeal and will struggle to attract visitors.

This section is about the relationships between those organisations. In nearly all cases, tourism development is successful when tourism organisations work together.

One of the best examples of relationships, which show how different organisations work together, is airports and airlines. Airlines cannot fly and land their planes if the airport is not operating properly. If the airport expands, airlines can operate more flights.

In poor weather conditions, planes cannot take off and land if the airport is not open.

This section is about the ways in which different tourism organisations work in partnership to make them more successful and to bring about tourism development.