Principles of customer service

AC 2.2 - Explain how tourism organisations meet expectations of different types of customer

Customer expectations – Swansea Liberty Stadium

Like many organisations, The Liberty Stadium has to meet the needs of different types of customer.  These will include:

  • Casual supporters/members
  • Season ticket holders
  • Away fans
  • Fans with special needs
  • Executive box holders
  • Hospitality packages

Some customers pay far more to watch a football match than others.  Those who pay more will expect a higher level of service and quality facilities.

Watch the below video and listen to the hospitality manager at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea explain the hospitality options available to supporters.

Liberty Stadium


After watching and listening to the video, give some examples of the hospitality packages available and their costs.  You might want to look at the Swansea City FC’s website to obtain further information.