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Putting it all together 2

Second Section: Extended Writing

Having completed your table, you are now ready to produce your well-reasoned explanation as to how your chosen organisation meets the expectations of the customer types you have selected.

You should produce an introduction to your chosen organisation and then write about the expectations of each of your customer groups in turn, as sub-headings.

You can either use the online writing-frame or your own offline word processor. If using offline word processor, add images of your chosen organisation that you may have taken yourself or have found on websites.  Include any other information from your organisation’s website that you feel will be appropriate.

When you write an explanation, it is easy to use the word because regularly.   For example: The airline serves free drinks in business class because……

The information below provides ideas about alternatives to using the word ‘because’ too often.

Use as many of the alternatives to ‘because’ as you can, but make sure that you use them correctly.