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Mystery clothes shopping

Mystery shopping is a means of collecting information about the customer experience which is used in a range of industries, not just tourism. 

The next time you go shopping for an item of clothing, see how many of the questions in the checklist below you can answer.

  • Were you acknowledged by an assistant within 30 seconds of entering the store?
  • When you were greeted, what was said?
  • Did the assistant member smile?
  • Did the assistant offer you help?
  • Did the assistant offer you an additional item?
  • Did the assistant give you his/her undivided attention?
  • Did all assistants you came in contact with have an upbeat and friendly tone?
  • Were any assistants rude or discourteous?
  • Did any assistant provide above-and-beyond service?
  • Did the assistant provide a pleasant closing comment (“Have a good day,” “Thanks for shopping with us,” “Thank you,” etc.)?
  • Did the cashier greet/acknowledge you the moment you reached the counter?
  • Did the cashier ask if you found everything?
  • Did the cashier thank you at the end of your transaction?
  • Was every item you wanted to purchase available?
  • How long did your transaction take from the time you reached the counter until you received your receipt?