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Natural attractions

Natural attractions are named features which appeal to tourists because of the nature of the landform or the beauty of the landscape in which the attraction is set.  Natural attractions include:

  • Lakes
  • Rivers and landforms such as waterfalls and gorges
  • Caves
  • Mountains
  • Coastal features

Some natural attractions are free to enter and for some there is an entry charge.  It is not possible to charge tourists to visit a mountain, but it may be more feasible to make a charge to visit a cave or waterfall, especially if this is on private land. 

Usually, a range of tourist facilities are available at natural attractions which might consist of:

  • An information centre or some form of information boards about the feature
  • Car parks and access for disabled visitors
  • Refreshment facilities
  • Souvenir shop
  • Toilet facilities
  • Guided tours and walks
  • Viewpoints

Part of the appeal of many natural attractions is the facilities which are provided.  Many tourists appreciate the opportunity to find out some information about the attraction.  Most natural attractions are visited by tourists who are staying at destinations nearby and are making a half day or full day visit to the area in which the attraction is located.