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Putting it all together

You have been learning about different characteristics of tourists and tourist types. Now let’s see if you can ‘build a tourist’.

Below you will find a series of tourist types. From the images, select suitable items that identify either a leisure or business tourist type. Then move on to build tourists of different ages and from different cultures.

The characteristics of each different tourist type are given below.

Different Types of tourists

  • Leisure – these are tourists who travel simply for leisure purposes. A holiday, a short break, a weekend away, whatever it is, it is not related to any work purpose, they are doing it in their own time and for their enjoyment.
  • Business – quite the opposite to above. These tourists are away from home on business. They may take part in leisure activities whilst they are away, but the primary purpose of their visit is work/business.
  • Different ages – this can be broken down into  
    • Children – babies, toddlers, older children and teenagers
    • adults – young adults, middle-aged adults, senior citizens
    • Different cultures – people from different cultures expect to be respected and have their beliefs and behaviours understood. British culture is very different to Chinese culture, e.g. the foods are different, the traditions are different. Culture makes us what we are.