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Increasing tourist appeal

There are many ways in which destinations can increase their appeal to different types of tourist. As we have seen, the development of the facilities for tourists and the improvement to products and services provided by different businesses, often depends on two or more tourism organisations working in partnership.

Very often, public bodies such as local authorities, tourist boards or DMOs help individual businesses to form partnerships which lead to projects which increase the appeal of destinations.

Except in large cities such as London, many tourists will explore the area around the city or town they are visiting.  Tourists spending a week or so in a large town or city may well travel outside of the main centre of the destination to surrounding towns, villages, coastal areas, National Parks etc.

In this section, you will need to be able to make suggestions about the different ways in which your chosen destination could increase its appeal to different types of tourist. We will approach this by looking at different parts of the tourism industry in turn. This should give you some ideas as to what might be appropriate for your destination.

The next six resources should give you ideas about how each component could work to increase the appeal of the destination. When you have read through each resource, make notes about what could work for your destination.

When you have worked through six sections, cut and paste the notes you made into one document.

The sections are:

  1. Accommodation providers
  2. Attractions
  3. Transport providers
  4. Food and drink
  5. Visitor information
  6. Exploring the destination