Principles of customer service

AC 1.2 - Situations when customers interact with tourism organisations

How well did you do?


Having watched the video of Steve Griffen talking about Cardiff Bay, see how many of the questions below you can answer correctly.  (You might want to watch the video more than once!)

  • What important commodity was exported from Cardiff Docks?
  • In which year did the export of this commodity reach its peak?
  • Which coastal area is near Cardiff Bay?
  • By how many metres does the tide rise and fall each day in the sea next to Cardiff Bay?
  • In which year was it decided to re-develop Cardiff Bay?
  • Which two rivers flow into Cardiff Bay?
  • What is the name of the area within Cardiff Bay where events and festivals are held?
  • About how many people can be seated inside the Wales Millennium Centre?
  • How many sheep are there in Wales?
  • What does the underside of the roof of the Senedd building represent?