Principles of customer service

AC 1.2 - Situations when customers interact with tourism organisations


All employees like to receive compliments from customers.  Often, customers pass on their thanks to individual members of staff, but it is difficult to record all of the compliments which may be received.

One way in which this has changed is with the introduction of the internet, customers are able to pass on their compliments to tourism organisations through review sites such as Trip Advisor. 

Not only do these comments allow customers to pass on thanks and compliments, they also allow managers of tourism organisations to see what they are doing right and to make improvements to the level of customer service they provide.


Research restaurants, hotels and attractions in the area where you live using Trip Advisor reviews.

Copy and paste up to 5 reviews in which customers compliment the staff and comment on the excellent level of service they received.

You can copy save these into the online writing-frame or offline using the downloadable activity sheet below.