Principles of customer service

AC 1.2 - Situations when customers interact with tourism organisations

Putting it all together

You have now considered a range of situations when customers interact with tourism organisations.  You can now demonstrate your understanding by describing these situations in a tourism organisation you have studied.

A series of sub-headings and prompts have been provided below to help you.

After reading these, proceed to the next page to complete your Assessment Activity.


Where are the products of the organisation sold to customers?

Are sales of products always face-to-face or can the products be sold online or by telephone?

What additional products and services can be sold to customers?  Give some examples.  

Can sales of products and services be made before the customer visits the organisation or at the start of the visit?  Can additional products and services be sold during the visit and at the end of the visit?


Describe examples of interactions where advice can be given to customers.
Is this advice always provided face-to-face?
Suggest some situations where informal advice might be provided by employees who may not normally come into contact with customers.

Product information

Think carefully about employees of your organisation who might be expected to have good product information. List some and describe the type of information they will need to know.
Suggest why this information is important to customers.

Dealing with complaints

Describe common complaints that might be received by your organisation. Where will customers go when they need to make a complaint?
Describe the attitude of staff in your chosen organisation who have to deal with customer complaints.
Does your chosen organisation have set procedures for dealing with complaints? Can you describe them?
Does the organisation have a set of customer service quality standards?


Does your chosen organisation have reviews on Trip Advisor or on other review websites?
Describe some aspects of your organisation which customers have complimented.

Other situations

There may be other situations in which your chosen organisation interacts with its customers.
These include:

  • Receiving and passing on messages
  • Providing assistance
  • Keeping records
  • Dealing with problems
  • Offering extra services

Describe these interactions if they take place within your chosen organisation.