Principles of customer service

AC 1.3 - Describe how customer service delivery differs across different mediums


Think of a tourism organisation you have studied.

Activity 1

Imagine you have three boards on a classroom wall representing customer service delivered through each medium by the organisation:

  • Face to face
  • Online/electronic
  • Telephone

For example...

face to Face

Now divide each of the three boards according to suitable sections or departments of your chosen organisation.  You might like to work in pairs or teams.

For example (for a hotel)…..

face to Face 02

You now have three boards, one for each medium, sub-divided into various sections or departments.

Think carefully about how customer service is delivered by the different sections or departments through each medium.

Activity 2

Working in pairs or small groups you can write as many post-it notes as you can think of to show how customer service is delivered across different mediums in different departments of your chosen organisation.

You might also think about the ways in which people working in different sections or departments use different mediums to communicate to each other to help deliver customer service.