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Sound advice

There are many situations in which customers will ask staff of a tourism organisation for advice.  This may be fairly simple advice such as giving directions or suggesting routes.  People working in tourism organisations need to be aware of the types of questions that customers are likely to ask.

This might be quite simple advice, such as the best times to see animals being fed in a zoo, or it could be much more important and affect the safety and security of customers.  For example, travel agents should advise customers on the security situation in destinations they may consider visiting.

In many tourism organisations, there will be employees who will talk to customers on a regular basis and be used to giving advice.  Let’s call this formal advice.

At the same time, customers may ask for advice from employees who are not expected to deal with customers in their job role.  However, they will still be expected to have a good knowledge of the organisation and provide accurate advice to customers, or at least pass the customer on to someone who can provide the right advice.  We’ll call this informal advice.

Tourism organisations provide good customer service when all of their employees can provide helpful advice to customers.

The activity below consists of a number of situations where customers may ask for advice.  Decide for yourself whether the situation would count as formal or informal advice.