Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

AC 2.1 - Explain factors influencing tourist decision making

Destination features

What makes a destination popular? Basically, it depends on what it has to offer a tourist; tourists have a wide variety of needs to meet.

For this section we will be looking at the following destination features

  • Natural attractions
  • Built attractions
  • Purpose-built attractions

These are the features which contribute massively to a destination’s popularity.

Activity 1

Look at the images below, match each attraction to the correct feature

Activity 2

All of the attractions in Activity 1 are found in Wales, there are similar destination features found in other UK destinations.

See if you can produce a similar table of attractions in one other UK popular tourist destination. You might like to carry out your research with a classmate.

Use the Internet to help you, make notes and save images as you research.

Activity 3

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on a tourist destination of your choice from your notes in activity 2 describing the range of destination features found there.  Present your findings to the rest of your class.