Do well in 'developing UK tourist destinations'

AC 2.1 - Explain factors influencing tourist decision making

Destination reputation

When tourists have a great holiday they praise the destination telling friends and family about the marvellous time they’ve had and what an amazing place to visit. Likewise, when they don’t have such a good experience, they run the destination down, saying bad things and criticising the destination as a result of their poor experience. Consequently, the destination gains a reputation of being good or bad. The reputation can contribute to a tourist’s decision to visit or not. However, not all bad reputations are true; it’s possible that the actual experience did not meet the tourist’s expectations. 

For this section you need to consider the tourist type in relation to the following factors

  • Will the destination be too busy or too crowded? Will it be too quiet or even empty?
  • Is the destination too expensive or too cheap?
  • Too ‘touristy’ or not ‘touristy’ enough?
  • Is it an ‘exclusive’ destination? Many tourists enjoy the fact that they can indulge in the luxury of an exclusive destination.
  • Will the destination be too ‘tacky’?
  • Is the destination going to be heavily congested? Will cars be able to find parking? Will there be heavy traffic? Will there be queues?


Read the information on the postcard and then answer the questions in your own words without lifting information from the text

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast was known as the bomb-ridden Northern Irish capital, divided by sectarian violence and no-go zones.

The end of "The Troubles" brought a startling transformation to the elegant Victorian-era city centre, which features historic pubs, fine-dining restaurants and reinvigorated shopping districts.

Wander around the city centre, Donegall Place shops and the historic University Quarter. Titanic Belfast charts the story of the famous ship, built in the adjacent dockyards. The murals of the once notorious Falls and Shankill roads are interesting. Belfast is a great place to visit.


A new book has branded Thailand one of the world’s most dangerous tourist destinations.

Australian author, John Stapleton, suggests that widespread police corruption, violence and crime are all blighting a country once commonly referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles’.

In his book Thailand: Deadly Destination, Mr Stapleton attempts to expose the reputation of Thailand as a welcoming country, claiming a boom in tourism since the 1960s has created a hatred of foreigners and a ‘murderous indifference’ to the millions of tourists who flock to the country’s white-sandy beaches, picturesque countryside and thriving nightlife each year.

This is one man’s opinion based on his own experiences. Thailand is visited by millions of tourists every year who have a fabulous experience and think the opposite to Mr Stapleton.