Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 1.1 - Describe forms of ownership for tourism organisations


Different forms of ownership.

Your class should work in 4 groups.

Choose one of the following fictitious businesses for each group:

  • Carter’s Carz & sons (partnership)
  • Amir Amusement Arcade (Ltd)
  • Highton Hotels (PLC)
  • Grant’s Guiding (sole trader)

Imagine you are the owner(s) of one of the businesses above. Complete the following activities then report back to the class.

Activity 1

As a group, create a PowerPoint presentation that:

  • Introduces your business – use your imagination!
  • Demonstrates and explains a logo for your business.
  • Explains the advantages and disadvantages of your business having the ownership it has.
  • Explains how the ownership affects your business – does it make it more or less successful by being that form of ownership?

Activity 2

As a group, deliver the presentation to the rest of the class.  

Activity 3

Think about tourism businesses in the area where you live.

Make a list of ten tourism businesses and identify whether they are Partnerships, Limited Companies, PLC’s or Sole Traders. There may be some you are unsure of. Discuss your results with your classmates.