Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 1.3


Ways of achieving objectives

From studying the last section, you will understand that tourism organisations, like all businesses, have to plan for the future by setting objectives.  Many larger organisations will have several objectives, which may relate to finance, business growth, social or environmental matters.

This section is about some of the methods organisations to try to meet the objectives which have been set. Remember, it is not always the case that objectives are achieved.  Objectives are something you hope to achieve, but you may not reach the objective.  For example, big football clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United set out each season with the objective of winning the Premiership, but they may come second or third.  Other clubs may have an objective just to stay in the Premiership, but each year three clubs get relegated.

Large tourism organisations have to make very important decisions relating to their objectives.  Imagine that you are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a major airline.  To meet objectives such as increasing profit and being environmentally-friendly by using the most modern aircraft, you will need to buy some new planes.  How many do you buy when each one costs about £300,000,000! 

To meet objectives of this scale a range of methods need to be considered.  High level meetings will be held and detailed financial calculations will be made. 

Of course, smaller tourism organisations will not be faced with quite the same decisions, but choosing the right methods to help achieve an organisation’s objectives can make the difference between success and failure.