Be better at 'the business of tourism'

AC 1.3

Objectives game

You should now have an understanding of the different objectives which might be set by tourism organisations and the methods which are used to achieve them.  Remember – it is not always possible to achieve all the objectives set.


Mike and Rita have formed a partnership to open a farm attraction in which visitors will see foods being made from crops grown on the farm.  The attraction is called Polly’s Farm.  Children will be entertained by small rides and trips around the fields by tractor and trailer.  Mike and Rita have set objectives for the first three years of the operation of the farm which include:

  • Relying on renewable energy
  • Using local labour
  • Making a 15% profit
  • Opening a second farm in a different area of the country.

Mike and Rita hold a meeting every three months to review how well they are doing and the likelihood of them reaching their objectives.  So, they will have 12 meetings in the three-year period.