Principles of customer service

AC 1.1 - Principles of customer service

Health, Safety & Security

Tourism organisations are responsible for the health, safety and security of their customers.  They are also responsible for their employees.  There are thousands of laws, rules and regulations covering all sorts of tourism organisations.  A few examples of rules and regulations would be:

  • The welfare of animals in a zoo and security of zookeepers and customers
  • The safety of rides at a theme park
  • Rules about the safety of customers using a swimming pool in a hotel
  • Regulations about the safety procedures on board an aircraft.

There are many other examples.

One part of health and safety is the range of signs which must be displayed around any tourism organisation.

Activity (Offline)

Study the signs and other information in the images in the downloadable activity below and for each one explain why they are important to the health, safety and security of customers and staff.